Review: Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

RC8.jpgRock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

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Ally Nightingale has secrets. Secrets she doesn’t even share with the Rock Chicks. But two men know what she’s up to. One has her back. The other has her heart, but he doesn’t know it.

As Ally rewinds the last year of her life, she knows two things. One, she’s never going to get what every Rock Chick should have—her own Hot Bunch guy. And two, she’s a Nightingale through and through. She just isn’t sure what to do about that.

But as her secrets are revealed, the men in her life react. Darius Tucker, a lifelong friend, as usual takes her back. Ren Zano, the man she loves, isn’t quite so sure. The Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch and the entire gang at Fortnum’s weigh in, and a Rock Chick Revolution starts brewing.

 It’s up to Ally to control it and prove what she knows down to her bones.  She’s a Rock Chick, she deserves her hot guy and she’s going to keep the one she wants… Because she’s a Nightingale.

Frankly, I’m a bit verklempt.  I’ve been thinking about this review for the last 24 hours.  What the heck could I say?  I’ve also been in a funk since I finished it.  Let’s face it, reviews on this book are EVERYWHERE and so I’m not reinventing the wheel.  I’m just going to tell you how this one made me FEEL.  That’s the super cool thing about this blogging thing.  (and it will be spoiler free to boot)

Ahem.  Oh Hell… it was awesome.  Better than I expected.  I had pretty much thought I was at peace with everything after Hector and Sadie, even though I knew Ally’s book was still to come.  I was… emotionally unprepared for the depth of what I felt at the end.  But somewhere between the beginning and the end… I laughed and I cried.  It was a beautiful thing.

This was 110% Ally’s journey.  Her journey to love and her journey to finding her true self and making sure EVERYONE else knew who she intended on being.  She didn’t compromise on any of it.  God Bless, Lee, Hank and Ren.  It takes a strong man to love a strong woman and Ally was surrounded by strong men.  Might’ve taken some longer than others to get on the Ally train but they all had their own good reasons.

Ren was so frickfrackin’ sexy:

Tomorrow, You’re in a nice dress.  My pick is the one you wore to Club, unless you’ve got another one that makes my dick harder faster, which, babe, just sayin’, will be a feat.  Then I’m taking you to a nice dinner, and you’re gonna share with me all of your hopes and dreams.

And frankly, I could fill up this page with my highlights from Ren.  But, again, I don’t want to give anything away.  Oh but Daisy… Daisy is quote-worthy for sure:

You got a choice spot here.  You don’t move some old desk into it, slap a computer on the top and say ‘I’m in business.’  You gotta send the right message.  And that message is you ain’t Rockford.  You’re Allyson Nightingale, a fine piece of badass ass with class who can take care of biznezz.

Amen Daisy.  Amen.

For me, reading Kristen Ashley books is like eating comfort food.  Or watching “comfort movies” like:  Sleepless in Seattle, Runaway Bride, You’ve Got Mail, and It’s Complicated.  I have “comfort tv” shows:  Beverly Hills, 90210, Golden Girls, Friends, Cosby Show and Big Bang Theory.  KA is total and complete comfort food for my brain and soul.  Read a bad book?  Re read Games of the Heart.  Read a heavy duty, intense book?  Re read Sweet Dreams.  I have a confession to make, I had never read a book more than once before KA came into my life.  And now, I can’t imagine not reading Motorcycle Man for the 4th (maybe 5th at this point) time.

So yeah.  RC 8 was fantastic.  It was all that and a bag of chips.  In fact, it was the cherry on top of one big, badass cake.