Review Policy

I named my blog “Straight Shootin’ ” because I want it to be clear that I am not here to stroke egos and blow sunshine up your keister.  I’ve read some overblown reviews of books that were full of typos and awkward sentence structure and syntax.  Now, some of that kind of thing is a matter of taste as a reader.  But errors and such are inexcusable as far as I’m concerned.  Get an editor.  A real one, not your bff who thinks that you’re the best writer person ever.

I will not review a book that has not been properly vetted and edited.  If I suspect it has not, I will stop reading it and notify the author that I will not be reviewing it.  I’m not here to bash authors or books.  That’s tacky.  But an improperly edited book is tacky too… get my drift?

I have no interest in your attempt to rewrite Kristen Ashley, Lorelei James or Madeline Sheehan.  Be your own storyteller.

So what do I like to read?  What will I review?  Read on…

Contemporary: Western, Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, MMA/Fighters, MCs , Menage (MMF only), Erotica, Lite BDSM is ok.  I will read some NA but so much of that runs together for me that I’ll be pretty picky.  

I will NOT read:

Historical, YA, I’m not looking for Paranormal right now.  If I review Paranormal it will a self purchase.

No F/F or M/M.

Other things to know…

I love HEAs.  I don’t care for infidelity.  Is it a series?

My TBR is always huge.  So I will do my very best to figure out how your book will fit in.  If you have a timetable too, please let me know!  

I don’t make any $$ off of this.  I read and I love it.  No $$ will be traded for positive review.  If books are from NetGalley, publisher or author that will be stated in the review.

I can be contacted at:

Formats- I read on my Kindle.  I’m surprised it hasn’t exploded by now.  The Kindle format is my preference but I won’t be picky about a hard copy!


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