I really can’t think of anything else I’d rather do than sit down with a book and read.  It can even be a crappy book and I’d probably be happy.  I’ve always loved to read and my obsession has grown as I’ve gotten older and my children have gotten older (older means they all go to elementary school this fall) and I have actual time to myself!

My favorite genre is Romance.  I have always loved a good love story!  I love Alphas.  I do…give me an Alpha and a headstrong heroine and I’m good to go.  My favorite Alphas are found in pretty much any Kristen Ashley book… Tack, Tate, Max, Chace, Ty, Luke, Brock, etc etc etc.  I could go on and on.  (I don’t do historicals and very few paranormals) I am a Kristen Ashley fan and that is putting it lightly.  I worship KA.

I also love a dirty talkin’ Alpha.  Tessa Bailey and Karla Doyle are my current favorites where those are concerned.  Military and law enforcement types flip my switch and give me a man who can ride a horse and rock a pair of boots and jeans and I’m in Heaven.

I love chocolate in any form, Redd’s Apple Ale, margaritas from my local Mexican restaurant, running (when my hip cooperates), volunteering at a local Equine Therapy facility for children, and hanging out my “Main Man” (or MM as he will be referred to).

My favorite TV Shows- Homeland, So You Think You Can Dance, Nashville, Big Bang Theory, Alias, BTVS, Farscape, Friends, The Middle and Modern Family…to name a few.

I love music.  All kinds.  Right now, I’m listening to The Civil Wars.  I’ve seen Zac Brown Band in concert this year three times and will be seeing them again in October!  So yeah I’m a bit of a ZBB fan.

Some of my favorite “go to” authors: Kristen Ashley, Jill Shalvis, Tessa Bailey, Karla Doyle, Lorelei James, Pamela Clare, Lori Foster, Kaylea Cross, Jessica Scott, Maya Banks, Kele Moon, Jeanette Murray, Lauren Dane, Alison Kent, Madeline Sheehan, Elle Kennedy, Marie Force

If you’d like to send me a book for review please see my review policy page.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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