Review: Friendly Temptation by Elaine Radley

friendlyedit  Friendly Temptation by Elaine Radley 

 Provided by author

Publication Date: June 13, 2013


Ever since Katherine Ainsley’s divorce, a hazy line has emerged in her relationship with best friend Dominic Corvalis—one teetering between companionship and lust. When he proposes a dare, she rises to the challenge, even after she finds herself in a place she’s never imagined. Besides, Dom is there to support and tease, and the sexual tension percolating beneath their naughty errand is simply too tempting to resist. Perhaps they are meant to be more than just friends. She’ll never know until she pushes him across that line…and into the bedroom.

Normally, I’d say that short isn’t a word I’d want to use to describe sex.  But I have to say that this short story/novella was AWESOME.  It was just right.

Dominic and Katherine are a fanfrickingtastic couple.  Some novellas feel too short, as if we are missing out on something.  But I did not feel that way about this one.  I knew how Katherine and Dominic felt about each other, it was conveyed in Ms. Radley characterizations and their interactions with each other.   It was a seduction via teasing and a dare.  It was lovely to read.

The sexytimes were steamy and passionate and I felt like I needed to go stick my head into the freezer.  Yes, it was that hot. Especially when it came to dessert!  So, go get yourself some ice cream and get this novella.  This friends to lovers story was served up perfectly by this format.  I do hope we get more from Ms. Radley!


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I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  This review is my own opinion and is not a paid review.


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