Female anatomy.


quivering peach?


Let’s talk about female anatomy, shall we?  I’m bringing this up because I read 2 books in a row that used very interesting terms for a woman’s “lady business”.  Now, I like the words “Lady business” that term makes me laugh.  But I read some recently that made me cringe and laugh out loud (and not in the same fun way as “lady business”)

I’m going to reveal the books because that’s not how I roll…

“Her peach quivered in anticipation…”

“…the pink lips of her peach…”

Now this one…made me laugh…”cha-chi”

“…but my cha-chi hadn’t seen action in so long…”

“My cha-chi was quivering with excitement, screaming, ‘Hallelujah, the desert days are over, girl!”

But later on in this book we get:

“dripping wetness” (is there an incontinence issue?)

“wet nether lips” (I got nothin)

and last but not least…

“moist secret flesh”


Anyone else come across some cringeworthy terms for the lady business????


2 thoughts on “Female anatomy.

  1. I’m with you on the ‘dripping wet’ thing. Just ‘wet’ is good enough. Dripping and sopping make me think of the dishcloth I just pulled out of a full sink of water, and that’s not sexy to me. 😉 I’m also not a fan of overly described pubic hair, especially when that hair is wet, lol, for example, ‘wet curls’ or ‘damp curls’.

    I love reading the funny/quirky names, too. Even better if the author makes them work in a sex scene. 🙂

  2. I am always amused by the use of “hot core” for lady bits. In my mind, this section is narrated by Dr. Evil (of the Austin Powers movies) and I think of a volcano, ready to erupt and spill liquid, hot magma on unsuspecting victims.

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