Staking my claim…


Yep.  I finally decided to make it official and hang out my book reviewing shingle.  I figured as much as I read and review over at Goodreads, I might as well throw my .02 cents out into the blogging universe.

My focus will be contemporary military suspense/romance, Western contemporary romance, erotica included and whatever else lights my fire. I love a good romance and am a sucker for stick-your-head-in-the-freezer sexytimes.  I don’t read much in the way of paranormal, I OD’d on Anne Rice as a teenager and on Sookie Stackhouse a couple of years ago.  Although I’ve gotten 1/2 way through the BDB series and I enjoyed it.  I plan on reviewing books- honestly without being bitchy and judgemental and pimping authors and books that I love and hopefully making some more friends that love books and love talking about books.  I have a lot of other book review bloggers that I love and I plan on promoting them too.

I WILL NOT blow sunshine up an author or publisher’s tookus.  I’ve read too many reviews that lavish 5 star praise upon books that were full of typos and horrible syntax.

Well…here we go.


Tell me how you really feel...

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